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What Makes Us L.A.s Best Art Classes?

It is not by chance that Mission: Renaissance has repeatedly been named “L.A.’s Best Art Classes”, in fact what has long set us

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Free Art Classes for Kids/Teens/Adults

The Importance of Art Education

The benefits of a solid fine art education are widespread, from higher self-esteem and higher grade point averages to life-long gains in terms of perspective and appreciation. Learn more from these reports by the NEA, The Department of Education, Americans for the Arts and more.

Champions of Change

When young people are involved with the arts, something changes in their lives.


220 Art* Careers

As art education budgets continue to be cut, where will students gain…


Art Budget Cuts…

Every school that cut arts showed a decrease in morale and increase in disruptions…


Living the Arts…

What is it about the arts that enables young people to excel within school in a variety of ways?


The Market…

Arts programming provides critical building blocks, skills and abilities that our economy needs.


Arts – Learning & Life!

They make schools better places to learn, and they raise student achievement.


Afterschool Matters

Afterschool programs in many ways are helping to sustain a Renaissance learning model.


Your Kids Excel…

Want Your Kids to Excel in Math and Reading? Teach Them to Paint



tab_imgAbout Mission: Renaissance

Founded by Larry and Sheila Gluck in 1975, today Mission: Renaissance comprises more than 20 studios across Southern California. Serving children, teens and adults for 40 years, Mission: Renaissance has long been recognized as the largest fine art program in the world.

Inspiration for the school’s name derives from the popular 1960’s television series, Mission: Impossible, Larry and Sheila’s mission being the creation of a Renaissance in fine art instruction. While seemingly impossible, their mission has truly been achieved.


tab_img2About Larry Gluck

Larry was drawing and painting ever since he can remember. By age 13, he was studying under Italian portrait master, Giusseppi Trotta, an old classmate of Picasso himself.

A graduate of Pratt Institute and Adelphi College, Larry found tremendous success as a watercolorist in the Virgin Islands. His renown soon spread to the United States and Europe, and by 1970, thirty-five hundred paintings hung in private collections around the world.



tab_img3About The Gluck Method

The Gluck Method is a step-by-step process of fine art instruction developed over the course of a quarter century by world-renowned artist and educator Larry Gluck.

Using his method, tens of thousands who were previously unable to draw or paint have brought their dreams to life and can express themselves as artists.

Remember when you first learned to ride a bicycle? It looked almost impossible – how were you supposed to balance on those two thin wheels? Yet your friends made it look so easy.

Student Success Stories

I began the sketching course August 2013. To say I’m amazed at my progress would be an understatement. I had talent from a small child but stopped drawing when I began college. I’d even been accepted into a commercial art correspondence course but decided that and a full load of college courses wouldn’t mix.

30 (ahem!) years later enter Mission: Renaissance!! I am now half way through the tone drawing course and can say my ability now surpasses my ability when I was a teen! When I show people samples of my work they are stunned! And so am I when I compare what I did six months ago with what I can do now.

I’m so fortunate to have Mission: Renaissance in my life! Thank you so much. And a special shout out to Bryce for being such a great teacher!

Jeffrey W., Adult Student Fine Art Classes

Dear Larry,
Today marks a moment in history. I have had a revelation or an epiphany you might say. Ever since I was a youngin, I have been set on becoming a nurse and following in the family footsteps, but two days ago, everything changed….
With the blessing of my parents and support of my friends, I have decided to follow my dreams and pursue true happiness. I am officially changing my major to art. I feel like I am fulfilling my life’s purpose. I have been attending art classes at Mission: Renaissance ever since I was 5 years old and thanks to Larry’s method and the wonderful instruction of my art teachers - I have been able to refine my artistry skills. My attendance at Mission: Renaissance has been a major factor of influencing my decision. Art is my passion, my enjoyment, and my life. I am beyond thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life!

Rahmati, Adult Student Fine Art Classes

I joined Mission: Renaissance to cope with the stress of my job. I work in the Financial Services industry, an industry that seems to get worse by the day. Art has become my candle in a dark room. I`m so grateful to be in this course. I`m looking forward to even greater success.

Colleene, Adult Student Fine Art Classes

Although I’d been drawing for 30 years, I was self-taught. I’d studied all kinds of methods from books and was generally ok at drawing… or so I thought!

The basic Mission: Renaissance drawing course covered techniques and the methods that I would never have learned elsewhere; and having a wonderful teacher Brenda Salamone guiding me through the process was invaluable. I now see things in my everyday life in a brand new way, and for once I feel I can actually draw. I am so grateful - Thank you!

Clive B., Adult Student Fine Art Classes

I love this studio. When I paint and draw in here, I find freedom. I love the feeling that I could get lots of help form Elana and Eui whenever. I feel very welcome and homey. It’s so fun drawing and I especially like drawing my duckling and seahorse. I really want to thank the people who spent their time to build the studio, work in it and actually make kids happy about their drawing and art. Most kids have a voice in art. Thanks for making our voice louder.

Jolie - Age 10, Kid Student Fine Art Classes

In sketching, I learned about many things. I learned how to use physical tools such as, plumb line, reducing glass, and mirror. I also learned how to use mental tools, such as triangles, negative space, and line of symmetry. In conclusion, I learned a lot of things in sketching, and I feel successful about all of it. Special thanks to my parents who sacrifice a lot to make this possible, and thanks to my art instructors for teaching me.

Peter s. - Age 10, Kid Student Fine Art Classes